Hey there, my name is Jon and I’m a game developer living and working out of Melbourne, Australia. I'm a refugee of the professional industry there, where I worked on a few different things.

I’m half of Super Hi Games, where I make stuff with Ben. We released an avatar creator app and are now working on a couple of secret projects.

I’m also working with the awesome Powerhoof guys on their project Crawl, where I’m handling the porting to console.

In the little spare time I have outside of those things, I'm also turning my entry to LD34 into a full game.

I do the occasional game jam, recently working on The Maitre D which came #1 Overall for LD35. And sometimes some weirder stuff.

I'm not looking for contracting work at the moment but you can get in contact with me by e-mail if you need anything. Or hit me up on Twitter!

Illustrations provided by my lovely wife Kaoru.
Last modified: January 23, 2017